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Anti-corrosion Roots Blower

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Paghulagway sa produkto

AC series anti-corrosion Roots blower is mainly used in medicine, chemical industry, waste treatment and other industries, and is designed for the characteristics of similar industries with many corrosive media and complex media components.

AC series anti-corrosion roots blower mainly adopts anti-corrosion measures for the overcurrent part, and flexibly adopts various anti-corrosion materials and forms such as surface passivation, nickel plating, zinc plating, titanium plating, and Teflon plating to improve the adaptability of the product And the service life of the whole machine. According to the particularity of the gas transport, different types of bearings, silencers, stainless steel bellows and other accessories can also be configured to meet different needs of customers. Anti-corrosion of blower is mainly divided into material anti-corrosion and coating anti-corrosion:

Among them, the cost of anti-corrosion of materials is relatively high. In addition to the use of anti-corrosion materials such as stainless steel in the over-current part, the cages and seals of the corresponding bearings also need to be selected according to different media.

Coating anti-corrosion is simple and easy to perform, and the cost performance is high. The principle is to form a dense interface transition layer between the coating and the base material, so that its comprehensive thermodynamic properties are matched with the substrate, and the coating is used to isolate corrosive gases and products from corrosion.


● Profile sa impeller: talagsaon nga tulo ka blade nga CONCH nga profile, gamay nga pulso sa agos sa hangin, taas nga volumetric efficiency, taas nga kahusayan, pagdaginot sa enerhiya, ubos nga kasaba ug micro vibration;

● Transmission mode: bakus, direktang koneksyon;

● Inlet ug Outlet: Talagsaon nga pormag diamante nga inlet structure, hapsay nga pag-inom sa hangin;

● Gear: Lima ka lebel nga precision gear, taas nga transmission accuracy, low noise;

● Tangke sa lana: ang single / double oil tank structure kay opsyonal, flexible nga configuration;

● Cooling: air-cooled and water-cooled universal, can be switched conveniently

● Material: Special anti-corrosion material, titanium plating, stainless steel, Teflon;

● Body layout: traditional layout,compact dense type

Main Specifications

◆ Dagayday sa agos: 0.6 ~ 713.8m³ / min;

◆ Pagtaas sa presyur: 9.8 ~ 98kPa;

◆ Magamit nga katulin: 500 ~ 2000RPM;

◆ Tubig makapabugnaw switching temperatura: 90 ℃ (katumbas sa 58.8kPa pressure);

Espesyal nga aplikasyon

Note: Any complicated working conditions involving high-altitude operation, low-frequency operation, low-density gas transportation (helium), etc., please communicate(contact ) with our company technician team in advance.